Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy

Discover Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy Options For Kids of All Ages

Our hands-on approach comes with special techniques to provide your child with the elements necessary to adapt and live a more ‘normal’ life with her/his disorder. Recovering from any kind of brain injury is difficult and even after healing there can still be lingering side effects that have to be dealt with. Our goal with our traumatic brain injury therapy in Salt Lake City is to help the body achieve correct postural alignment and to help the body maintain balance and the ability to remain in the upright position and move normally with smooth controlled body movements. As the child’s neurological system heals and reconnects to the other body system and gains more control, we cut back on assistance and allow her/him to do more on her/his own. With traumatic brain injury therapy as well as all the therapy services we offer here at Intensive Physical Therapy Institute, our goal is to help your child regain as much normal function as possible. Call us today at 801-251-0257 to learn more!

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