Sensory Integration Disorder Therapy

Sensory Integration Disorder Therapy Offered by Intensive Physical Therapy Institute, LLC

One common issue we see here in our Salt Lake City clinic is sensory integration disorder and related issues in children. This condition is described as the inability of the child to integrate his/her senses and provide a normal response; for example, not being able to tolerate such things as textures, touch, pressure, smells, light, etc. Sensory integration disorder therapy can help make these often overwhelming, confusing, and frightening sensations more tolerable for children and can allow them to learn more normalized responses to these sensory triggers. Our hands-on approach comes with special techniques to provide your child with the skills necessary to adapt and live a more integrated life. We focus on giving children practical ways to integrate, disassociate and tolerate stimuli from their physical and social environments through our sensory integration disorder therapy. If you need more information or would like to have your child evaluated, contact us today to set up a consultation appointment!

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