Physical Therapy NeuroSuit 

Are You Ready to Discover the Benefits of the Physical Therapy NeuroSuit Today?

If your child needs widespread or advanced assistance with her/his physical therapy needs then you may want to consider whether or not the physical therapy NeuroSuit is another tool we use and a good option. The main components that make up the specialized suit are a vest, shorts, knee and elbow pads/bands, and modified shoes. All these components are linked together by elastic bungees, which are placed strategically to target key muscles and joints. These suits are designed to deliver continuous feedback and stimulation to the body and the nervous system so that the body can learn to move with the corrected alignment and trigger the correct response from the brain. Improved control, strength and stamina are achieved by the correct application of the suit by a physical therapist who is qualified and trained in the use of the NeuroSuit. As the child’s neuromuscular system gains more control, the assistance is progressively decreased and he/she is able to do more on her/his own, which is the ultimate goal of all the therapy services we offer at Intensive Physical Therapy Institute!

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