Physical Therapy For Children With Disabilities

Find the Best Physical Therapy for Children With Disabilities in Salt Lake City Right Here

One of the tools we use here at Intensive Physical Therapy Institute, LLC of Salt Lake City to help with physical therapy for children with disabilities is the Universal Exercise Unit. Referred to as the Spider Cage and the Monkey Cage, depending on usage, these are unique structures designed to stimulate the child’s body and help improve form, posture, muscle strength, balance, and mobility. These therapy cages are based on therapeutic principles developed over many years and are now successfully integrated into intensive physical therapies which are only found here and at a handful of other facilities. It helps children with neurological dysfunction achieve real and lasting improvement by targeting their problem areas with intense and impactful stimuli. The physical therapist facilitates different movement patterns and sensory input to allow the child to generate a normal response. Call today to learn more about our physical therapy for children with disabilities.

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