Pediatric Physical Therapy

Intensive Physical Therapy Institute, LLC Salt Lake City Offers Pediatric Physical Therapy

We use Intensive Physical Therapy (IMOT) to help children with disabilities with our unique form of pediatric physical therapy. Our highly trained and experienced therapists here at Intensive Physical Therapy Institute, LLC of Salt Lake City will work closely with you and your child to create a personalized treatment plan that is just right for her/him and her/his specific and individual needs and limitations. With this intensive approach to therapy, a typical plan consists of 4 therapy hours a day, 5 days a week over a 1-3 week period. This intensive regimen has been found to be the most effective at discovering, addressing, and correcting the issues your child is struggling with and is the best way to help train her/his body to function in a more normal pattern. The intensive regimen also allows for plenty of opportunity to adjust the goals and treatment approach as needed when your child hits milestones or when he/she needs a little more help or focus in a particular area. The intensive approach to pediatric physical therapy aims to enhance the brain’s ability to connect with other neuro pathways that can produce the function for the desired outcome.

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