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Intensive Physical Therapy Institute (Institute) is an organization that helps children with disabilities receive life enhancing physical therapy. Through our experience the Institute has identified and developed specific tools and apparatus to augment developmental milestones in its therapy.   We are interested in identifying like-minded companies that share its goal and vision. 


Often times there are products in the marketplace that become a part of therapy for physical, occupational, cognitive and emotional development that claim developmental attributes, but there is no evidence of testing, review or certification by any body of professionals.     


The Institute Certification Program reviews, makes recommendations for improvement to enhance therapeutic value, and certifies products for adaptive use and development of all children, regardless of ability. The goal is to identify and recommend products that are developmental and discover products that are also therapeutically adaptive and inclusive.


The highest rating and certification is reserved for products that enhance normal development and can be adapted for use in therapies for children with developmental delays and also inclusive for use at home. 


The team of therapists reviewing and certifying the products are licensed and educated in the US and internationally, and between them have more than 45 years of experience working with their patients and interdisciplinary teams to achieve the highest outcomes for inclusive therapeutic use as well as at home for normal and developmentally delayed users.

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There are three levels of certification:


Bronze: Developmental—Assists in physical, occupational, cognitive, and/or emotional development


Silver: Developmental and Adaptive—The product can be used by both able-bodied individuals and adapted to help in the development of disabled individuals.


Gold- Developmental, Adaptive, and Inclusive—Held to the highest standards, these products encompass all elements mentioned and are inclusive for all abilities in nature where IPTI can use them in therapy for patients and recommend them for use at home.

Upon receiving the recognition and certification, the product will be given a specific number placed in our seal along with your company/brand name, therefore making it uniquely specific to your product. 


With the certification, you will receive a lapel pin for each certified product in its respective certification color and an official certification letter with your product name and our certification code.  You will also receive a press release noting the awarding of the certification that can be distributed for media and other external uses, at your discretion.


The Institute will donate a portion of the submission fee to a charity for children in need of specialized therapy or adaptive equipment.


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