Chromosomal Disorder Therapy

Chromosomal Disorder Therapy, Testing, and Rehab in the Salt Lake City Area

In everyone’s body, the genetic code is responsible for characteristics and function; however, for reasons that are still not fully understood by science, the genes of the body can be altered from their normal configuration when these code segments are either missing or are replicated incorrectly. This anomaly will cause mild to severe dysfunction and can have a wide range of physical, mental, and development repercussions depending on what specific points are malformed. Our chromosomal disorder therapy will address these conditions according to the neuromuscular impairments that the child presents, and will facilitate higher levels of independence. Our highly trained and experienced therapists at Intensive Physical Therapy Institute of Salt Lake City will work closely with you and your child to create a personalized treatment plan that is just right for her/him and her/his specific and individual needs and limitations. Call today to learn more about our chromosomal disorder therapy and how it can help your child.

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