Children With Special Needs Therapy

Children With Special Needs Therapy Offered to Residents of Salt Lake City, UT and the Intermountain Area

Our staff is experienced and trained in the assessment and treatment of the most common debilitating conditions in children. We provide a unique approach for our neurological therapy services that are soundly based on the Intensive Model of Physical Therapy (IMOT) that are customized to provide the very best options for children with special needs therapy. Our typical treatment plan consists of four hours of one-on-one therapy a day, usually for 5 days a week over the course of 1-3 weeks. This intensive treatment has been found to be the most effective at identifying and correcting the neurological/orthopedic issues your child is struggling with and is the best way to help train her/his body to move and have more normal control. When it comes to services like children with special needs or autism therapy in the Salt Lake City area. Call now for your consultation appointment with our team!

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